The Ultimate Survival Kit In A Zombie Apocolypse

Flexible Home School Creative Writing Projects

As part of our goal to increase engagement in our Home School writing sessions, I use flexible topics which I know my child will be interested in.  This has been a crucial part of promoting writing with a child who is often disengaged, uninterested or highly anxious over school work.

 The Topics Are Not Overly Structured

We don’t set out a “Where, When & Why”. I choose the topic and I let Ryan start where he feels comfortable, this is usually with a list.

When disengagement starts to occur, or stress/anxiety about not knowing where to go from here, we break the list down into short descriptions of why this item might be needed.

Then, We Talk Scenarios

Once the list is broken down with more detail added, Ryan is feeling more confident and comfortable with his writing. We can then explore scenarios to enrich Ryans “Survival Guide”.

The reason I help break things down into parts rather than just writing a complete story is that severe anxiety gets in the way of problem-solving and putting sequences into play when storytelling.

This establishes a method for him, which will mature later on as we work on his creative writing. The end result is a very basic survival guide which offers a personal reward when Ryan see’s his work “Complete”

Finishing Touches

You can sit down with your child and work on the finishing touches. The following story/guide provided insight into what I need to work on with Ryan.

I have corrected and discussed the following with him:

  • Proper use of capitalization, headings, and paragraphs.
  • Some use of grammar (however, I am not too harsh on creative writing)
  • How to improve sentence structure
  • How to tell a story in sequence (i.e., This happened first, not later)

We have left out guide open to improvement and updating. The wonderful thing about our writing sessions is often, after a couple of days, Ryan will voluntarily offer up more ideas an information about a project he has done.

This is when I offer to help him update his work.


The Ultimate Survival Kit In A Zombie Apocolypse

There is a Zombie Outbreak, it started in my local hospital. It quickly spread from patients to nurses and doctors. While most zombies are slow, the occasional fast ones are very dangerous

The outbreak spreads across the land, causing an apocalypse. Zombies become mutated over time. If the mutated Zombies so much as touch you, you will become infected.

It is important to prepare quickly and get to a safe space before hatching a long-term plan.

You will need:

Flash Light

There is an outbreak in your school, The lights are off and you need to find your way out. You will need a flashlight.

Military Knife

You have a zombie coming towards you, you will need to stab it in the head.

Water & Food

You will need to gather water and food before all of the stores and homes are looted. To stay alive, avoid loss of hydration & starvation

Large BackPack

Hold Valuable Items, food, water, and weapons.


Use to communicate with any other potential survivors.


When the radio goes down, you will need to send a signal to other survivors in the area, call for help.


Stay indoors at night and barricade your windows and doors.