Volcano Experiment Kits That Won’t Break The Bank

We love doing the Volcano Experiment!

The classic experiment is a great way to explain the chemical reaction between an acid and a base.

The volcano eruption is a result of a chemical reaction between the baking soda and vinegar. Carbon dioxide is produced, which is also present in a real volcano.

This activity can be applied to your exploration of Volcanic Eruptions, not just chemicals and science in general.

Some kids may need to do this more than once to get a solid understanding of the results through discussion, when Science is fun and engaging – it’s much easier to learn!

Make Your Own

Yes of course, we had to recommend the cheapest first! Making your own. For full instructions, plus video of our home made volcanos exploding, visit HERE.

This is also the MESSIEST way to make your own, which is super fun but maybe sometimes you just want something simple.

If thats the case, I highly recommend the following kits which can be purchased from Amazon or Mr Toys Toyworld.

The Mini Volcano

This one is for when the kids constantly want to do the experiment, and why deny them of the fun?

Don’t let the reviews worry you, it’s clear some people expect a lot for $6!

I’ll explain. The actual chemicals in the pack isn’t why I recommend this product. I purchased this simply for the tiny Volcano it offers. Everyone has the two chemicals needed at home anyway!

This means when my kids want to do the “Volcano Experiment” we can just do a small version with a spoon of Bicarb and a little vinegar on a plate.

It’s been a really handy little mould to have and the kids have even used it with fizzy bombs at bath time to make things more interesting.

We picked ours up from Toys R Us, which has now closed in Australia so I am recommending Amazon or Mr Toys Toyword.

The Pocket Volcano which has the best reviews.

The SmoothFoam Volcano Kit – THE MEGA VOLCANO!

This volcano kit requires minimal assembly. It goes together in 3 plastic pieces and a water bottle slides inside, if you are after a no fuss Volcano Eruption lesson, that doesn’t compromise on size, with minimal mess – this is the product you want.

Once painted, this volcano looks VERY cool, you can watch it erupt HERE.

This is one of the biggest kits available as the Volcano is very tall.

The Smithsonian Volcano

This kit is a little different from the above two. It requires more involvement as you are constructing your own Volcano. The Smithsonian Volcano kit is a plaster wrap style model which is painted afterwards.

The product is a little short on paint, so if you might need to use your own paint if you like your projects to be perfect. The only downside to making your own, is they don’t last.

This is why we own several different kits, some can be kept and used for the experiment only, others are a full design/art lesson.

Discovery Kids Volcano Kit

Discovery Kids has a couple of different models out. This product we have used is much like the Smithsonian except I found they provide more paint to complete the project.

Discovery Kids also has a plaster mould  Volcano..

These are our personal picks for Volcano Kits, if you have any recommendations feel free to leave them in the comments below and we will check them out!