Learning With Sticker Atlas Maps

We Use BIG Things in our home to achieve BIG results.

A great Sticker Atlas Map should come with really BIG wall posters. So BIG, they will get your kids super excited about sticking things all over it!

The best Sticker Atlas Books require a bit of reading to actually be able to work out where to put the stickers.

The combination of “Read, Stick, Discuss” works very well in our house. It doesn’t feel like a chore to read in a session like this.

“My Incredible Sticker Atlas” is a great example of encourage a child to read.

Without reading the content in the book, you could be sitting there for a very long time before you find all of the Dinosaur names in their matching countries!


We didn’t just learn about Dinosaurs!

If anything, that was just the “sweet deal” that encouraged my children to get involved. My Incredible Atlas, like many other Sticker Atlas books contains multiple lessons within the one project.

The Dinosaur project has geography, history and science involved in the reading and practical work.


How much does a great Sticker Atlas Book Cost?

Most of these books contain more than 4 seperate projects, plus reading. Personally, I would pay up to $35 for a book with full colour posters, 4+ projects and reading material.

You can get these books anywhere from $10 – $40. If you are shopping on Amazon, even better. You will get some great Sticker Atlas project books for $5 – $6 during sale time.