Aquaman Exhibition – Movie World Gold Coast

Aquaman Exhibition, Movie World, Gold Coast

The Aquaman exhibition at Movie World was a really beneficial trip for Ryan. To see the costumes, props and scenes in person is quite an eye opener.

The exhibition features sound effects and lighting to make the experience even more enjoyable. You really get to see the incredible about of detail and work invested in the different film sets.

Ryan spend a good amount of time taking pictured and video to send to friends, always a sign any teenager is interested and having a good time.

This was a bit of a convenient excursion. We planned to go to movie world for the day and it didn’t occur to me at first that this would be such a great learning experience.

View over 20 weapons featured in the film, including a selection of tridents and harpoons.

I felt Ryan had a really good understanding on how movies work behind the scenes by the time we finished the tour. If you have a child who has a keen interest in popular culture, filming production or performance art, I highly recommend this exhibition.

I think Ryan felt privileged to look at all of the weapons used and the props involved. While there is an immense amount of attention to detail, you can also grasp how much the film relies on additional special effects.

The end of the exhibition has a green screen studio. You ca have pictures done of yourself in different Aquaman scenarios, it’s very entertaining.

You’ve seen the film and now you can take a dive into the underwater world of Aquaman at Movie World for a limited time only. Go behind the scenes of the blockbuster motion picture and explore set pieces, costumes and elaborate props from the studio set filmed right here on the Gold Coast.